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Dear Friends,

The Association of Cutaneous Surgeons (India) welcomes all international & national delegates for ACSICON 2018, a unique conference to be held in April 2018, at a beautiful island union territory of Daman, situated 175 kms north of Mumbai.The knowledge doubles every year, if you are expert of a specialty today and if you do not update yourself continuously, within next four years your knowledge will be completely out dated.We dermato surgeons also do chiseling act on human skin with the help of instruments and surgical techniques which improves the quality of life of an individual. Procedural dermatology has become the integral part of every dermatologist. The field is ever expanding its horizons. At ACSICON 2018, we will ensure a world class experience for all of you in terms of academic excellence, hospitality and entertainment. Looking forward to give you the best from ACSICON 2018.

Team ACSICON2018.

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Known for its natural beauty and serenity, inviting beaches, sleepy villages, historic forts and churches and a rich and varied culture, the town of DAMAN, located at the mouth of the Daman Ganga river, can be rightly called as ‘Paradise on Earth’. It is a perfect getaway for those who desire a weekend trip away from the hustle and bustle of a city, in the company of sand, sea and sun. Due to its locational advantage and pleasant climatic condition throughout the year, Daman has excellent potential for tourism as well as industrialization. Once under the Portuguese rule, traces of Portuguese influence can be seen in the architecture and lifestyle of the people of Daman.

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